Be an ambassador of peace …

Would you like to contribute to peace?
All you need to do is promise yourself to live the Peacemaker principles.
In the beginning, it might be a challenge to always speak and act truthfully, to meet every fellow being peacefully, to always seek and discover the good in everyone and everything, to take personal responsibility – unconditionally. – You can do this!

If you want to make this commitment with yourself and show to the outside world that you are part of it and support the peace movement, please send us an envelope DIN A5 with your address and return postage – by post of course. You will receive the logo as button and sticker. Also a candle that was lit at the Flame of hope 1999.

Please look at the peacemaker principles again beforehand, because they are the basis for peace in you and your environment. The commitment to wear the button visibly helps you to live more and more in your truth. People will respond to you and you can tell them about the great peace. How peace feels for you, what you wish for. You will come into contact and so you will plant more and more seeds of peace.

If you want to become an ambassador of peace NOW :), then you will find here our ADDRESS

“Be a YES! …

and dedicate yourself to mankind!”

Silke Schäfer

YOU can be a role model and reach out to others who need your support!!! NOW.

Ambassador of peace 

Become an ambassador of peace