How can we speak in a peaceful way?

Do you know the quote: „ In the beginning was the Word“? And we add: „Before that is the Thought.“ Where do thoughts come from? How do they get into your head? We have no answer to that. We only know that something is „born“ at that moment. In your mind, in your consciousness. We bring it into the world using the word. And you have probably already experienced what it feels like if you have said something you didn`t „really“ want to say. Once it has happened it cannot be undone. The vibration has been sent.

Speak your best words

What does that mean?

In any case, it means that you always speak as truthfully as possible. You surely know how much courage that sometimes needs! Can you also remember how good you felt when you didn`t conceal anything? If you can stand by what you have said?

What can help you to speak truthfully:

Our first step to grow into truthfullness is slowing down. This means you stop first before giving an answer, so nothing thoughtless comes across your lips. In this short moment of silence your mind asks your heart for advice and together they build the best words. Words which are truthful right at that moment

“It is one of the most remarkable achievements of us humans that we imagine thinking can be separated from feeling … brainwise this doesn`t work! “

Prof. Dr. Gerald Hüther, Brain Researcher

What also helps us is a clear intention. In terms of making a decision to NEVER lie again. Even if we have been introduced to doing so, since our childhood. „I had chosen a powerful symbol that always reminded me of my promise. Of course, I didn`t just switch it on and it worked, but faster and faster it worked out for me to cross over to speak truthfully. And I had the courage to forgive. And to address things that weren`t right.”

The gift:

By now our antennas are so sensitive that we can physically sense wether we have hurt someone with our words. Then we address it as soon as possible and clarify our feelings with the perception of this person. Usually we are all greatful for this moment and are happy about pacifying the old momentum. That way our connection is fresh again, free and open for new experiences

Speaking from the heart:

“„As soon as we think badly ouf ourselves, our true being withdraws and causes pain.“

Jeanne Ruland

We truely understand if you feel resistance with the term: „Speaking from the heart“. For decades we have been like this. But we were curious to find out what it means. Maybe the quote from the book „Return to creation“ by the indigenous indian Manitonquat will help you: „Always use your mind and let it show you how to follow the path of the heart, but never the other way around. Your mind can learn and it knows what it has learned, but only the heart knows love and beauty, for they are the guides of the creator.”

The Heartmath Institute is expressing the principle in modern term and with a scientific view. The importance of a heartbased life is proven more and more by scientist and reserchers around the world.

How our hearts are connecting us on a deeper, healthier level to ourselves and others is the core of the “Heartmath Institute” research

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