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On this page you find messages and ideas in form of songs. Maybe every little cell in your body swings in tune?

Sing The Water Song

Sing it 4 times - in each of the 4 directions: Nee bee wah bow - En die en - Aah key mis kquee - Nee bee wah bow - Hey ya hey ya hey ya hey - Hey ...
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Spirit Bird – Xavier Rudd

with video clips from Earthflight series Lyrics - Spirit Bird Give it time and wonder why do what we can laugh an we cry and we sleep in your dust ...
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GREAT SPIRIT – Nahko bear

Great Spirit take me with you, abduct me into the beauty, into the wonder of life, let me marvel, feel, enjoy, love, live ... all life is sacred.   Mirijam
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Beyond – Tina Turner

Spiritual Message In 2009, we got something from Tina Turner which we did not expect at all. What happens if a rock star, a member of the entertainment ...
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