That can be giving thanks at the end oft he day, at the end of a completed activity / task or a project. But it can also be your insight / realization und integration after a failure, an illness or a blow of fate.

Looking back at the end of the day

You can make it your routine before going to bed to ask yourself: What have you got done today? What happened unexpectedly? Which new lessons did you learn today about yourself and life? Which good deeds did you do today? Which messages did you get?

Yes, even things that didn’t work out as you had planned, are important. What came into your life instead? Maybe it’s an important message or even a turning point in your life.

So, first and foremost clarify this questions for yourself, and then forgive yourself and others everything which went wrong. And you can make plans for the next time to approach things in a different way.
Simply go through your day again in your mind.
So you can go purified  to bed – into the world of dreams.

The healing power of illness

Surely you have heard about it already. For some people it still seems a provocation. I myself have experienced in the meantime, that everything has a message, and when I put the question “what has this to tell me?”, “what do I get from it?”, there will always come answers which help me onward.

If you are healthy, your body is in balance, in harmony, in peace!

Ambassador of peace 

Become an ambassador of peace