Ceremonies at summer solstice 2020 -Ceremonies of peace

What do you want to create now? Now during the time of summer solstice and midsummer nights

This weekend (June 19./20./21.) Let us stretch a spiritual network of connectedness around the earth. Can you imagine how powerful it is when thousands, millions or even billions of people around the world synchronously send out their vision of a happy, peaceful, holy future? PLEASE share this call on all your social media – because “We are the ones we have been waiting for!

The tension due to the corona crisis is slowly diminishing. Maybe you had a chance to pause. Were you able to slow down and came closer to the image of how you want your life to be? Do you know what you no longer want to have?

What do you want to create (that is more than wish) for you and your inner peace? What for your loved ones? What for your environment?

  • healthy food?
  • clean water?
  • healing balance?
  • healthy relationships?
  • sharing?
  • free energy?
  • abandunce for everone on this planet?
In short: How does paradise on earth look like for you?
We sincerely wish that more and more people are using their creative potential for the benefit of this earth. Everything is possible! Paint the paradise as colorful and beautiful as you can. Whether you are alone or invite people into your circle to support you (taking into account the Corana regulations in your area, of course). Create your own summer solstice ceremony in the special year 2020 for peace, peace on earth.

As a woman / man you are now called to live your full potential – balanced, truthfully in your creative power!

Thanks for taking action

Mitakuye Oyasin (Lakota for: we are all related)

Star constellation at this time

At full moon on June 5th we had a lunar eclipse on June 20 at 11:43 p.m (UTC + 1). summer solstice and on June 21. New moon, what is called ring-shaped darkness. So a very powerful time in which the female (moon) and male (sun) qualities in you and in the world can be balanced.

Simultaneous ceremonies that are known to us

  • Wilderness school Chiemgau, southern bavaria, intern circle
  • Stefan Perau, Kleinwalsertal, Austria
  • Gayle Ann Crosmaz-Brown “White Raven”, Canada
  • Philipp Stegmüller, 06/21/2020 Mountain singing at Mittlere Hörnle, Bad Kohlgrub, southern bavaria. If you don`t make it to the mountain; celebrate your own little Earthfest and connect with the Earthfest Initiative June 19.-21.! Sing your favorite songs at your favorite tree, garden, flower or water … On three days in early summer. Earthfest invites you to perceive, marvel at and celebrate our existence on and with the living Earht – from which inspiration for a genuine, partnership-based relationship with our living environment will arise. In a world that suffers from a loss of relationships, the EARTHFEST initiative supports a conscious approach to relationships as a central strategy of an innovative nature conservation policy and practice.

Ceremonies on the pyramids in bosnia

We had planned to hold a ceremony at this place of power on the summer solstice. Now it will take place at another one. In this video we have collected some impressions of the Pyramid Valley. For some they are normal mountains, for others they fulfill the conditions of pyramids.

Pictures from Ravne Park, Visoko, Bosnia

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