The power of direction – focus

Are you already using this power?
Are you aware of what you are using your life-energy for?

Most of the time we go through life very unconsciously. If you put yourself the question “Which moments of the present day have I really lived? When did I feel myself, when did I follow my joy, when did I remain true to myself, when did I rejoice about myself and life …?”, you will notice quickly that we rarely or never dedicate ourselves to these aspects.
If so, how can we possibly achieve what we long for?

It’s less about knowing what you want – it’s more about sensing what really matters to you, which values you want to live, how you wish the world to be – in your nearest surroundings, your family, in school, in your job, in your circle of friends. The clearer your mental picture is, the safer you will attain it.

The following joke illustrates it fairly well:
“There was a couple who had got married at 25 years of age and now celebrated their 25th wedding day. Suddenly, a fairy appeared and announced that every one of them had a wish free. The woman wished nothing more dearly than a trip around the world. The fairy flourished her magic wand and POW … the tickets for both of them materialized. Then it was the husband’s turn. He thought for a moment and asked: “Can I really wish for anything?” “Anything”, the fairy confirmed. “Okay”, he said. „In this case I’d like to have a wife which is 30 years younger than myself.” The fairy executed a circle with her magic wand and POW … he instantly turned 80 years old!”

Maybe you want to write down – preferably in present tense – how you want to be, or better, how you are (that means, transfer yourself into the future and see yourself already with these qualities). Do not forget putting the details!

I am happy with …, I am rich in …, I am cheerful because …, I am worth it …, I am healthy, strong, beautiful, creative, affectionate, full of joy, clear, blessed, thankful, … So it is!

With a clear direction, you are even capable of walking unhurt and vibrantly over embers.

Employing fears as a force …

If you have big goals, there is frequently an inner voice that tries to interfere with sentences like “Who do you think you are! Life is no piece of cake! I am afraid of my own greatness! I can’t possibly be happy just like this …” You begin to stoop yourself or to let yourself be stooped. Concerns, doubts, even fears get hold of you. They can hinder you from going your way. 
However, if you decide to employ the huge force which lies within the fear for your direction – to transform it – then you will be capable of moving mountains.
Maybe you know the feeling when you sense your own greatness. Stick to this inner picture!

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