Peace art – Peace messages

We would like to inspire you to carry your messages creatively into the world. Art can be a beautiful possibility that touches the mind as well as the heart of the observer. Any one of us can get started and be creative, if we allow ourselves to!

Design with words of peace

Write on stones, scratch in clay balls, paint lampshades or cover candles with your words … I’m sure you can think of much more.

Titel: “Vision of the great peace”

Here you can download the list with the words of peace. If the word peace in your language is not listed, write us the word, the country and the language. We will then update the list. Thanks!


Go out and play …

… with everything you encounter!

In this way I can reach my/our inner peace in no time.
Take your friends and children with you. Everything you leave behind may delight another person. Leave it to the wind and weather. The traces you have left behind and the moment you carry in your heart forever!

Take your time – time to arrive, to see the treasures of nature, to hear,
to sense, to feel, to taste…
Research – ask questions that come your way and follow them.
How is the weather today? And your mood?
Where do I feel like going now? The glade is sunny, the moss is warm.
Ask anyone – big ones, small ones, simple, smart, old, young, strangers, friends,
places, trees, plants, animals, ancesters and yourself – what you need to ask.
Experiment – with your possibilities, with materials and techniques … and be tough.
Be amazed – about every flower, every spider web, every stone, every being …
Listen – to the warm, cold, gentle, wild wind.
Feel it on your skin and let it tousle your hair.
Touch – the things that surround you. with dignity.
fire, earth, water, air, people and animals, dreams and visions, yourself!
Be brave and slowly move forward!

How does mud feel between your toes?

Ambassador of peace 

Become an ambassador of peace