Everyone is entiteled to peace

Reading this statement, can you accept it or do you feel resistance inside?

Why do you think people are so fascinated when they see babies? When babys laugh and even when they cry? They usually arrive in peace on this earth. If you disagree with us let`s go back nine months to where the semen and egg met. To that moment of union in which new life was created. This is the origion of your peace, no matter how it came about on the outside. Semen and egg cell agreed. The first ” disturbances ” of your original connection may already have occured in your mothers womb. If that was not the case with you, you might remember other moments throughout your life, where you fell out of your peace. .

For us “everyone is entitled to Peace” also means that:

Nobody – and we really mean nobody! – has the right to judge you, to condemn you, to treat you bad, to humiliate you, to use you, to traduce you (maybe even behind your back) – or to speack bad words to you! Everyone has the right to be looked at with loving eyes, with respect, without judgement, open and with dignity. This is the kind of company and cooperation which we need on our planet.

Role model nature

Let`s take a look around – if possible at an area where mankind has barely intervened. There we see nature`s endeavor to return to peace over and over again, like a primal principle.

  • We can see it in the behavior of the birds – in their songs, which radiate harmony. When an „alarm“ sounds in the forest and they warn others of attacking predators, these are just brief moments of disturbance in the harmonious concert of nature.
  • An escaping animal spared from death by his predator, shakes off its stress and is thus freed from its trauma.
  • Stinging nettles and other medicinal plants grow exactly in those places in nature that need healing, due to environmental disasters or harmful use by us humans.
  • The sophisticated network of the forest takes cares of every sick tree …

The energyfield of nature is – PEACE – in which we humans can recharge our own energy and reconnect to our own inner peace.

  • What do you feel when you watch a sunset?
  • Do you sense the difference between a stroll through a city, a walk through a park and a walk through a deciduous or winterforest?
  • Have you ever heard the term „forest bathing“? Yes, recently science has found out and thereby rediscovered that an unintentional stay in the forest has healing effects.

Try and see if that`s also true for you.

“Exponential growth leads to insanity!”

Erwin Thoma ( austrian forest and business Economist)
In this fascinating report about Erwin Thoma, you can learn a lot about the correlations in nature. Which is essential for a better understanding of our part, as humans, on mother earth…

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