Ceremonies at new moon

Sun, moon and earth form a trinity, which influences each other. Water movements from 8 to 10 meters on the coast of Brittany at new moon! What forces are at work there?

Since we are largely made up of water, the moon also has an impact on us humans – on you too! Sowing according to the moon, cutting trees according to the moon, women are referred to in certain circles as “in the moon time” when they get the cleansing bleeding. The list can be continued for a long time.

By new moon everything has retreated and something new can begin. Therefore our wish that on this special day we form separate female and male circles in the cycle of our small celestial constellation, feeling and celebrating each other in our female and male power. The 13 grandmothers have been calling us to do this for several years. Let us become aware of our very special qualities. Maybe by drumming, singing, keeping silent, dancing, meditating for peace …

Feel free to do what you may have always done on New Moon. But now you can be sure that you are part of a large, global movement. And if you don`t yet know where and with whom – just chime in to this idea, light a candle or a small fire, join us. You will find your circle or create it yourself. Be curious.

We thought about what connects us all over the world, regardless of language, what everyone can contribute as a beginning, and came up with the sound (thanks Imarin). Let your sound rise, which is just coming through your lips, which your lower abdomen creates through its muscles and which then moves/resonates through your throat into the world. This is our common beginning.

“Imagine that we are on our way together: Wake up! Get up! Dear woman!”

Let us give “thanks”, each one for herself, see each other, greet each other, feel, pause. Let us come together and sound and weave a net among ourselves. Beyond our circle of women. To friends who have never been here before, to other groups of women we know, further … all around the world. From fire circle to fire circle, from candle to candle, from our inner fire to all the other sisters. Let us take all those inside with us and especially see the women and girls who suffer pain, violence, assaults, whose limits are broken – be it by natural disasters, regimes, families, beliefs, partners, parents, people who have fallen out of unity and are causing suffering. Let us wrap them in golden light to give them protection and confidence. Let us also immerse ourselves in this light to bathe in it. Know that our suffering was and is over now, all that remains of it are old repetitions – we can deal with that and bring it to an end. But NOW let’s see together what we are again today – the one with the little crown, the sword and a new erection, who dances again and knows more and more how happiness feels like, who takes one step after the other carefully and courageously. (Mirijam)

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