Impossible, you might say immediately. And yes, you are right, because where in our culture can you really experience unity? We know that it works because we have been practicing it successfully for years.

But first, let`s look at the majority principle. What statement from the opposition do you hear in the media, when the majority has passed a decision? Right! They use their eintire energy to be against it. And you know how fast you can progress when someone next to you is continuously pulling the handbrake.

In other words: how are you when the majority makes a decision that you cannot agree on but have to accept because it’s a mayority vote?

Let`s make it even more simple

Every single day you make countless decisions: fresh milk or UHT milk, whole grain bread or white bread, vegetable pizza or rather roast beef, wearing a red sweater or rather a blouse, using a nail or a screw … How do you decide? Is the result always right for you?

We would like to inspire you with our way of finding solutions in unity: It all starts in the spirit. You literally imagine the various options – each option. You dive into each situation and its result. If an uncomfortable feeling arises, go to the next option. Take your time until a FEELING in your body shows up, giving you a: „Yes, that`s right“. Your tension immediatetly turns into relaxation. You feel the satisfaction and the decision is made right in this moment in unity with all your cells.

Being in consensus doesn`t include a „de-cision“ ( deriving from the latin word decidere which means to cut off). Because everybody participating feels; This is right / created together in unity!

Solutions for the benefit of all

Our experience shows, consensus is possible in families, among friends, in schools, in teams at work. In the beginning it takes some effort and more time. That changes quickly when everybody has grasped the meaning of unity. „Children in my nature play groups demand consensus. They are aware of how the loser is doing and that he is only on board when his needs are being heard.“

First of all, everyone must have the chance to express their opinion freely. We pay attention to each other. This is done by using the important methods of circleway in connection with a moderator. By collecting all different ideas and needs for the solution, in the end all important aspects are, so to speak, in the center of the circle. Afterwards, objections are explained and everyone listens carefully again. Sociocracy speaks of serious objections if one aspect would harm the wellbeing of the community. Such concerns are duscussed again in a more detailed way by the entire group. This can result in new perspectives for everyone, which leads to a different solution. Not until there are no more serious objections, the moderator summarizes the result and asks the group again whether everyone agrees.

P.s. The founding fathers of the United States copied democracy from the Iroquois. But they changed UNITY into the principle of majority. The indian neighbors had urgently warned them not to do so, but without success.

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