Forgiveness – Ho’oponopono

Durable peace is only then possible when all anger, all traumata, all injury is healed. Someone who es forgiven wholeheartedly, can sense it in every cell of his body. Ho’oponopono is an effective forgiveness ritual that can heal traumata from recriminations right up to historical trauma. Forgiveness is also an important element in the Peacemaker Story.

“It needs the courage of decision to take the step out of suffering and into inner peace.”


Here we give you „tools“ which can help you on your way to internal and external peace.

Ho’oponopono with the help of a special drum rhythm

The shaman Gayle Crosmaz travels to many countries and brings hope to those who want to call up the deepest parts of their soul. In Hawaii, she has been given a special drum rhythm, so to say as a spontaneous suggestion from the spiritual world. With this drum rhythm, old traumata can be dissolved.

Here you can hear her story how the drum rhythm came to her (English with German translation).

Instruction to the drum rhythm

Gayle describes how to beat the drum. Imagine the digits on an analogue watch. The first beat in the middle, then to 12, to the left to 9 and over the middle to 3, down to 6 and back to the middle. This movement reminds of the infinity symbol. Begin again in the middle. (English with German translation.)

The drum rhythm without words

Two minutes to play along, practice, adjust …
Practicing, imagine the DNA spiral and let everything which hinders you drain off.

Ho’oponopono with Ulrich Duprée

The author has been teaching the Hawaiian form of forgiveness for many years in workshops. In his books, he gives you background and instructions, by way of which you can practice forgiveness whenever you want.

The path

The “key” on the path to forgiveness is the heartfelt realization that you have done something that has hurt others, and the desire for peace and clarification. All steps are briefly and very clearly described in the handy booklet, so that everyone can do it for themselves or for others.

In practice, we have learned that people often bother with words. But it’s not about the words, it’s about deep understanding of the causes of the conflict and about forgiveness. Swap words that don’t suit you with words that are right for you. It is about giving back to the other everything what his share is and taking back what is your share. Thus, the field is cleared and the appreciation / love between you can flow again.

“Ho’oponopono is not about being right, it is about good relationships.”

Hawaiian priest Haleaka Iolani Pule

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Mantra – I’m sorry, please forgive me …

“Ho’oponopono – I’m sorry, please forgive me, I love you, thank you”. Philipp Stegmüller and Wolfgang Friedrich chant the Mantra in the “Klangheilzentrum”, Munich

Ho’oponopono affirmation-meditation

This is a meditation in English. It is recommended to hear it before going to sleep. If you drop off while hearing it, it will work in the subconscious.

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