Ceremonies in the years cycle

These are special transitions in the annual cycle of the earth, which have certain qualities. They were already celebrated by our ancestors. Perhaps even by you.

  • Spring – equinox – around March 21
  • Summer – solistice – around June 21
  • Autum – equinox – around September 21
  • Winter – solistice – around December 21

Of course all other dates in between are also welcome: Candlemas/Imbolic 2.Feb., Walpurgis/Beltane April 30 und May 1, Halloween/Samhain Oct 31 and All Saint`s Day Nov 1 …

Now imagine the great possibility of what happens when more and more people around the world align themselves for peace on this day – you in yourself, in your environment, for the world. It is that easy to create islands of peace that are anchored in your ceremony. It would be wonderful if on this day you alone or in the company of your friends get together and create a picture of what a peaceful future will looks like – with words, painting, music etc. We need you …

Ambassador of peace 

Become an ambassador of peace